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Joseph Holt

Joseph Holt
Abraham Lincoln’s White House

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The better part of one’s life consists in his friendships.”- Letter to Joseph Gillespie, May 19, 1849

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Lincoln Reading
Doctor and his Practice

Lincoln was much amused at this story, which he used to tell: In 1858 he had an appointment in Cumberland county, and after he had spoken, a Dr. Hamburgher (a bitter Democrat) impudently jumped up and said he would reply. So Lincoln took a seat…

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Abraham Lincoln in Depth

Abraham Lincoln’s Moods
“Lincoln was a curious – mysterious – quite an incomprehensible man,” wrote William H. Herndon shortly before he died... Read more   View more articles

Cartoon Corner

lincoln-moods President Lincoln enjoyed humor. Many Americans enjoyed making fun of the President. Some of the most recognizable cartoons were published in Harper’s Weekly, a New York City periodical ... Read more

Lincoln, Douglas and the Rail-Fence Handicap

Lincoln, Douglas and the Rail-Fence Handicap

This cartoon features the candidates running along a rail fence in which a black man is hiding in front of the Capitol.

The Tallest Ruler on the Globe

The Tallest Ruler on the Globe

This cartoon shows the inauguration of Lincoln.

Dred Scott

Dred Scott

The second major upheaval in Mr. Lincoln’s and the nation’s attitude toward slavery was the Supreme Court’s decision on the Dred Scott case.

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