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Matthew Simpson
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I planted myself upon the truth, and the truth only, so, as far I knew it, or could be brought to know it.”– Speech at Springfield, July 17, 1858

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Lincoln Reading
Shadrach Story

“In a time of despondency, some visitors were telling the President of the ‘breakers’ so often seen ahead — ‘this time surely coming.’ ‘That,’ said he, ‘suggests the story of the school-boy, who never could pronounce the names ‘Shadrach,’…

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Abraham Lincoln in Depth

Abraham Lincoln’s Moods
“Lincoln was a curious – mysterious – quite an incomprehensible man,” wrote William H. Herndon shortly before he died... Read more   View more articles

Cartoon Corner

lincoln-moods President Lincoln enjoyed humor. Many Americans enjoyed making fun of the President. Some of the most recognizable cartoons were published in Harper’s Weekly, a New York City periodical ... Read more

August Belmont (1816-1890)

August Belmont (1816-1890)

The group of New York Democrats with whom August Belmont was associated was called the “Silk Stockings.”

Contrabands & Freedmen

Contrabands & Freedmen

The status of blacks who escaped servitude was not obvious or clear at the beginning of the Civil War.

Abe, The Giant Killer

Abe, The Giant Killer

This cartoon shows a two-headed giant emerging from an opening in the ground :

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"The self-tutored lawyer from Illinois could not understand those 'don't care' politicians, such as Senator Stephen A. Douglas, who pretended indifference to involuntary servitude."

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